Welcome to 2021, and we are still standing and operating!

Welcome to 2021, and we are still standing and operating!

It's now March, 2021, and we're examining the after math of 2020. Actually, doesn't it feel like we're all just emerging from a long, wierd, crazy, wild, and bizarre winter that started last year around late February/March 2020?

So for those of you who survived the Apocalypse Lite, aka COVID-19, the Fear, the Hysteria, the Madness, the Lockdowns, the Riots, the Election, and you're still standing, guess what.

Congratulations. It doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet, but it does mean we're still here. Luckily for us here at Conduit Sounds, we've continued to function during the lockdown madness. We've been in constant communication with our manufacturers, with our staff, and we've continued receiving and delivering orders. It's amazing what you can do with very little, and we're tougher, stronger, and still working because of it.

Some updates on the on goings around Conduit Sounds. We've been in business now for a little over three years, which means that while we're manufacturing, fulfilling and shipping product, we also get feed back on how our flagship headphones, the Conduit Motions, are holding up. And so far, they're holding up really well!

I mean, it's no surprise to us, since we're long time users of them. Our staff uses them for running, biking, and exercise, which are the usual obvious uses. But we've also got a local cafe where we like to hang out with staff using and loving them. Obviously we have shops in the area carrying and selling them, and since where we're located is a college town, there are a lot of young and active people who've discovered the fun and utility of using the headphones.

We've been super focused on just marketing and selling the headphones in the local area, which is what happens when the "Apocalypse Lite", which is what we like to call the lockdown mania and COVID fear washing that descended on us. Hey, we can adapt, and we've been rolling with the punches. Since we also like to tinker, we've taken our headphones apart that had any issues - thankfully, very few of them have any issues - and took the time out to dissect and analyze manufacturing issues and designs, plus we always like to improve things. I took a picture of one of our headphones that we're in the process of deconstructing before reconstructing it to improve any defects.

There's a bunch of neat things about this activity that reinforces our operating philosophy. And our philosophy is essentially this. If I can't wear and use these comfortably in a thunderstorm, hurricane, snowstorm, ice storm when thrown off a bicycle, horse, boat, canoe, sailboat, kayak, while golfing, running, lifting weights, talking to kids, staff, doing the laundry, dishes, mowing the lawn, gardening, while working in a surgery office, veterinarian clinic, machine shop, bike shop, car shop, boat shop, and not hear our music and audio books, take calls and do your business on them, then we need to fix it and make it work for those conditions.

Now, I've listed all of those conditions because after three years of being in the business of bone conduction headphones, you get a lot of feedback from customers who are using them in exactly those kinds of conditions. And while the headphones aren't waterproof - aka don't swim in these, that's not what they're designed for - they are in fact water resistant...

And they're also REALLY shock resistant. The one you see in the picture that I'm dissecting has much tougher strength solder points than you'd typically find in most consumer electronics when it comes to headphones. A lot of other manufacturers that you can find for a lower price, don't have such good solder points. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference that makes in the quality of a headphone. Just a little bit tin and silver makes a stronger wiring connection, which translates into a wire that doesn't come off as easily with impact shocks. The same goes for the wiring. The wiring inside is much better quality insulation than your usual PVC coated wiring. That contributes a lot to shock resistance, which translates into you being able to do your crazy outside activity with these headphones without feeling like you have to baby them.

Speaking of outdoor activities, that's the one segment of the economy that's exploded during the lockdowns. We Americans are naturally a stir crazy bunch, and getting out to the parks, biking, running, boating, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, hunting, and fishing are outdoor past times that our staff also loves to partake in. And naturally we take the headphones along because we know that for all the rough and tumble we put them through, at the end of the day we can still come home and do our business calls on them. And our customers do the same and then they send us crazy emails raving about what they put our headphones through.

Which sounds a lot more like torture of electronics to us. But hey, the headphones survive and still keep beating.

As always, while there is no perfect product, the pursuit of perfection is a perfectly worthy goal. Did I say perfect too many times? Maybe.

What it is it some Chinese philosopher said? About destinations versus journeys? Oh that's right. It's the journey that's more important than the destination. And whoo howdy, that journey through 2020 into 2021 was one hell of a doozy. And we're still standing, still delivering, and still on our way.

Best of health to you, and keep doing the things that bring joy.

Conduit Sounds