Press Release: Tech Startup Disrupts Washington D.C.'s Latest Bicycle Law

Press Release: Tech Startup Disrupts Washington D.C.'s Latest Bicycle Law



Washington D.C., January 18th, 2019: The Washington D.C. government recently announced a new law that will fine bicyclists $50 for wearing headphones at the start of 2019. Bicyclists who wear headphones while riding are often prone to accidents because their headphones block out their surroundings. It’s a problem that most over-ear earphones, ear plugs, and headphones have.


Over-ear means they go in or over your ears. Conduit Sports addressed this problem by creating an innovative, resonant off-ear headphones that let you hear your music, and because they don’t go in or over your ears, and your surrounding environment, thus avoiding any potential accidents.

According to the journal, Injury Prevention, accidents involving headphones and pedestrians tripled over a six year period. There is no formal study made regarding bicyclists.

Situational awareness, or sensing your environment is critical to bicycle safety.” Said David Nghiem, COO and Director of Sales at Conduit, who is also a daily bicycle commuter in Washington D.C. “D.C. has some of the worst drivers in the nation. I wear these off-ear headphones all the time because I’m listening to my audio books, and I also don’t want to get run down by reckless drivers. I can hear my books and the impending roar of an engine behind me, which lets me get out of the way.” Said Nghiem.


The headphones use an innovative resonance technology, which passes the sound through the mastoid bone to the inner cochlea. This substantially reduces the risk of hearing damage, and benefits active users by enabling their situational awareness while also listening to their music.


"This new ban by the D.C. government is a problem that we designed these headphones specifically to address." Said Nghiem.

Other states that include similar bans on bicyclists with headphones are California, Rhode Island, Philadelphia, and some municipalities in Oregon. Many other townships and municipalities across the country are considering similar bans, with bans already in effect for motor vehicle drivers in 15 states, who also consider the bicycle a vehicle.


The City Bikes chain of bike shops in the D.C. metropolitan area carries the Conduit Motion. “We carry the Conduit Motions, and our bicyclists use them so they can maintain safety while riding.” Said Kyle Waller, the City Bikes Manager.


Conduit Sports is a startup company in wearable technology based in Maryland, and they’ve been working on the technology for the last three years. For more information, go online:, Email:, Instagram: @conduitsport, Twitter: @ConduitSports, Facebook: @conduitsounds, Business Phone: (628)400-1821, Snail Mail: 6900 Wisconsin Ave, #30219, Bethesda, MD 20824-7640