Does impaired hearing damage your social life?

Does impaired hearing damage your social life?


Imagine this: You’re sitting with a group of peers around a table yet you can only hear one out of every three words said. All of a sudden, there is an eruption of laughter, so you go along and laugh as well. Then you realize they are all laughing at you and due to the fact that you barely follow the conversation.

Quite embarrassing isn’t it? Thanks to Conduit Motion, you can minimize hearing damage through listening: off ear headphones, allowing you to listen to music without the hassle of social awkwardness?


This begs the question, could regular earbuds be impairing/damaging your hearing?

According to The World Health Organization, the single biggest cause of hearing damage stems from loud music. Thus, since earbuds are placed directly in one’s ear, sound waves travel directly through through the ear canal, damaging hearing as users increase the volume.

This results due to the direct contact of the earbud to the lobe damaging the ear canal as the volume is increased. Luckily, Conduit Motion, an off-ear headphone was created, providing a safe alternative to listen to music.

Conduit Motion utilizes sound resonance, that instead of passing directly through the ear canal, the sound vibrations travel through bones allowing the cochlea fluids to vibrate and sound to be heard. Conduit earphones produce the same effect without the harmful impact produced by regular earbuds. 
Picture of regular earbud and ear canal.
Picture of conduit earphones and ear canal.