Vol 2 of the Conduit Sounds Newsletter - Diana Dibble on Rebooting as a Female Athlete, and the Genesis of Ideas

Vol 2 of the Conduit Sounds Newsletter - Diana Dibble on Rebooting as a Female Athlete, and the Genesis of Ideas

Vol 2 of the Conduit Sounds Newsletter - Diana Dibble on Rebooting as a Female Athlete, and the Genesis of Ideas

Welcome to February, where we're finally catching a few glimpses of coming out of the winter here on the East Coast of the USA. This month, we have some interesting recommendations from one of our clients who recently purchased a Conduit Motion headphone, Diana Dibble, who we interviewed for our newsletter. Diana's quite an interesting person and she inspires women in their 40's and above to become athletes, and we're going to go a little bit into the history of how we came up with the Conduit Motion headphones.


The Dope Tunes List

We have a fun selection of music for you in this volume of the newsletter!

According to Diana, the first thing she thought of when she saw our headphones was trying them out while skiiing. Now, I personally am a snowboarder, so I can relate. And her recommendation for the slopes is "The Crest - L-Ascorbic Acid, featuring Eyedea & Carnage (sleptik)).

This song is dope for the slopes!!! Check it out.


Diana also recommends tunes by Luke Bryan or Thomas Rhett for mellow trail riding.

Now personally, I'm an outdoorsey person, and I do love fishing and trail riding. I usually combine both, with some camping. Here's a great song from Luke Bryan for those calm, flat trail rides through the woods.

And here's a good one by Thomas Rhett.

Fascinating People

For this volume's profile interview, we have Diana Dibble, one of our clients from Maryland. Diana's an interesting person, as she's the embodiment of constant evolution of the self.

1.) Tell us about yourself, and some of your athletic endeavours
I am truly an outdoor girl. I've been in dance and competitive sports since the age of 4 - ballet, tennis, gymnastics, and intramural sports. I cycled everywhere growing up, skied, swam (pool and ocean), ice skated -- pretty much anything active.
As I got busier with work I had less time for sports, but in my mid-40s I decided to start running. From there I progressed to cycling, and swimming - finally doing a full triathlon. I got back into skiing 3 years ago and am also learning to mountain bike and stand up paddleboard. Recently I went hiking in the mountains in Arizona.

2.) Tell us about your website, and what you hope to accomplish with it, and why.
When I resumed my athletic endeavors in my mid-40s, I found there were a lot of people, women particularly, who wanted to get back to or get into sports, or wanted to be more active. The common thread was they didn't know where to start. I decided to start the website to keep as chronicle of my journey. It kinda grew into inspiring others to get active.
I've been fortunate that my posts, not only on my website, but on also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are helping people to get off the couch and to learn how to #maketimetoplay. At some point, this may become my full time career. 
3.) How did you find out about our headphones?
I actually found about about them from my brother. He knows I'm a gadget freak. The full story, as well as the unboxing of my headphones, is on my blog. 
4.) What do you use the Conduit Motion Headphones for?

There are so many uses for these headphones, I immediately thought "I can't wait to use these while skiing." Film producer Warren Miller created a skiing and snowboarding montage that was set to this amazing song called “L-Asorbic Acid” by The Crest, Eye Dea + Carnage. 

I told myself that one day it would really cool to ski to that song. Thanks to Conduit Motion headphones, shushing down the mountain while listening to this song was epic!! Got up to 35 mph on a short run!!!
Here's a short video review of me and the headphones while skiing.


I have some playlists I've put together on Spotify (ddkurcfeld) that I listen to for running (Shevi's workout), skiing, riding or dancing around the house (Move Your Butt). I like music with strong beats. As a former classically trained dancer, I get lost in the rhythm. If I'm riding my mountain bike in the woods on flat trails, I like more mellow music like country so Luke Bryan or Thomas Rhett are my go-to artists.

6.) What's your favorite active thing to do?  

Just like with children, I can't choose a favorite. So I'll say if it's an outdoor active sport, it's probably on my list of favorite fun things to do. :)


Thank you Diana! One of the things we love about Diana's work is there's scientific studies demonstrating that exercise is the literal fountain of youth! And you're never too old to get started again. I'm personally friends with a grumpy 68 year old Jewish guy who still does triathlons! As in full triathlons, and he still kicks twenty and thirty something's asses. You can read more about Diana's inspirational endeavours by checking out her blog, at Diana Dibble.



The Genesis: Creating Concepts, and the Conduit Motion Headphones - part 1.

Creating, sustaining, and running a product company is one of the hardest kinds of businesses to do. It's also the foundation of our nation's power as an advanced, industrialized nation. Creating a functioning product that takes care of a market's needs is as fundamentally American as apple pie, the car, a Smith and Wesson, or a fishing rod. and all it takes to spark it, is an idea.

But rarely do you have the complete product at the very inception of the idea. You usually have to go through many iterations, tests, and re-examinations until the idea appears solid enough to do.

Which is why I'd like to talk about a what inspires ideas.

Idea generation is a topic that often gets glossed over when it comes to creativity. A lot of times, you'll hear vague references, like, "I have an idea." But no one ever tells you where it comes from.

The thing is, you first have to define what an idea is. At the core, an idea is a thought, and thoughts are things. When you start from that origin, you realize that you're generating thoughts all of the time.

So let's get even more basic. What causes you to generate a thought? 

A thought can come from anywhere, anything, and any place. If comes from Nature, our reactions to our surroundings, people, places, things, our sensory perceptions and how we respond to them, etc. If you really think about it, your thoughts bubble up as information, and if you see the world around you as simply information, you can even say that your thoughts are the natural bubbling up from everything and anything.

Believe it or not, there is actually a solid mathematical basis in the concept of the Universe as being the manifestation of an information Universe.

Now, I'm not going to get to meta here, but this gives you a solid foundation in the basis of an idea. Everything is information, and it all comes from, and goes back to information.

The next step is sorting through those ideas. We all have internal processes that qualify our ideas according to how we were brought up and trained. They can run the gamut of emotional reactions, to whether something would work or not, or a reaction that ticks certain internal checkboxes. Everyone's different, and your mileage may vary.

If you're tuned to a desire to put something out into the Universe that you want to see exist, you'll have a set of requirements in your own head about what you'll want to see. If you're not tuned to it, get a sketchpad, and some paper, and start doodling.

Often times, the very beginning of the creative process requires a pad and pencil or pen. In ancient times, writing was considered a form of magic, and art called upon the gods. That's because instinctually, you're taking something that exists in an ether, your thoughts, and putting down the very first steps to its manifestation into your reality.

Which brings us to the genesis of the Conduit Motion headphones. It all started with a thought, and a pole vault.

To be continued in the next volume! 

Mind Body Workout Corner

In this volume's workout video, Dave combines the Conduit Motion headphones, with the Personal Development Audio book from Nightingale Conant, Lead the Field, and a type of pushup called a Tiger Pushup, to blast your shoulders, chest, arms, upper and lower back with a purely body weight workout at the same time. 60 seconds is all you need to try this out!

See it on our instagram, here: @ConduitSport

Remember, if you saw this end up in your promotions or spam box, just list it as not spam or a promotion. Until then, get outside, get fit, and while you're at it, stay safe with the Conduit Motion Headphones.